how to hide your whatsapp last seen and chat privately

today I am going to tell about the best 5 application in September 2019.
  1. how to hide your WhatsApp last seen
  2. a best Odia WhatsApp sticker app
  3. the best launcher
  4. the best gallery app
  5. best browser

1.6how to hide your WhatsApp last seen and chat privately

Friends, today in this post, you will be told how to show the old last sign on WhatsApp even while you are chatting on WhatsApp with any of your friends, but your other LastApp scene will be visible to your other WhatsApp friends.

To apply this trick on WhatsApp, you have to download an application named Hide Blue ticks, last seen & read deleted messages. This app has 500k downloads on play store.

Hide Blue ticks, last seen & read deleted messages How to use the application?

If you want to watch through the video, you can watch the video below.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1. First of all, you have to open the application to allow all the permissions, after this, the application will open here you will get 5 options 1st WhatsApp, 2nd Facebook, 3rd Telegram, 4th Viber, 5th Plus Messenger

download app now –

Step 2. Friends, if you want to show the old last sign to all people, then you will have to chat with this application, if someone messages you on WhatApp, do not have to open WhatsApp, otherwise your last sign will be changed in this application to chat you. If you have to open, you will not have the last change and everyone will feel that you are offline on WhatsApp.


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Odia sticker

smart launcher 5 and gallery godownload now


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